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Sunday, 09 July 2006

Blogging in the night…

When my summer holidays begin my lifestyle always changes a bit. I’ve ever loved the night as the most beautiful part of the day. I adore waiting for the dawn and closing my eyes when the sun has just risen. Obviously when I have to go to my lessons at University I can’t do that, but in summertime I always spend my nights on something else instead of sleeping. Now it’s 3:41 a.m. (2:41 a.m. GTM) and I’m dedicating the rest of this night to the student blog.

I’ve just visited, Rachel, the website of the TV program ‘Dr Who’ about which you talked in your post. It sounds really interesting. I’d like to watch it but here I’m not able to receive BBC UK channels. To improve my English I daily watch BBC World which I receive in Sant’Arsenio with the SAT TV and in Turin with the cable one. I felt in love with their fantastic countdown videos which open every hour the news program...

17:30 GTM
I was tired yesterday night and I didn’t finish my post. I’m going to do that…

Going back to ‘Ferrovie dello Stato’, I’ve seen their new TV spot on BBC World. They talk about fast trains, modern railway stations, hi-technology network, etc. It’s a very beautiful video spot… what a shame it doesn’t exist the Italian version of it! Anyway, when the delay is longer then 30 minutes, you can ask for a 30% refund on your ticket. You have to compile a request form and wait for a ‘bonus’ which FS will send to you at home, then you can use it to buy a new ticket. Money refunds are not allowed. I always receive bonus two or three months after the request and I normally pay my tickets using them… (it isn’t a lie!!)

Is the IELTS speaking test structure similar to the FCE one? When I did the FCE I remember that there were two teachers but only one of them was allowed to talk to me. The other one had just to check my answers in silence. I had been afraid of it before the exam begun, but I slowly became more confident. In fact, I often looked at her (she was a woman) to find out her impression and she always answered with a kind smile. I hope also the result will be ‘kind’ at me!

Now, I’m going to have a shower and then I’ll watch the final!


See you tomorrow…




I have read your beautiful commentaire I beleve to rwite seme you thanks

Antonio, congratulations for the great win world cup. Here in Brasil we were sad for our team, but happy with yours.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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