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Thursday, 06 July 2006

Superstitious people…

‘Break a leg!’ made me very lucky today… I passed my exam and I’m enough satisfied with the result. The literal translation of ‘Good luck’ in Italian is ‘Buona fortuna’. However also in here a lot of people believe that this phrase might bring bad luck. A good (and safety…ehehe!!!) way to wish good luck is ‘in bocca al lupo’, which I’ve already talked about in my previous posts. In Italy it is said that all the people who take part in a show, particularly theatre actresses and actors, are very superstitious. Some of them own a personal lucky object and some others have a little ritual to do before the performance begins. It should be interesting to find out something about the origins of these beliefs and habits. The theatre history is really interesting and full of little fascinating mysteries.

During my holiday in London I was able to see Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. It was great! I hadn’t seen a Shakespeare’s work in a live performance before. I had some problems in understanding but I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Although the Globe was recently reconstructed, in fact, and so it is not the original one built in 1599, there is a very particular ‘smell’ in it. It seems to feel the big author’s presence around you…

Thank you, Rachel, for your corrections. In the last post I wanted to write ‘I hadn’t been eating’ but I used ‘be’ instead of ‘have’. When I don’t pay enough attention I often make this error because of the different Italian auxiliary verb. Anyway, I would like to ask you if the Past Perfect Continuous can be used in that situation instead of the Past Perfect.

Now I’m going to start packing because tomorrow I’ll return in Sant’Arsenio for my summer holiday. Another train is waiting for me…

Thank you again for corrections and suggestions

Have a nice evening

See you


P.S. Blue-coloured clothes are ok in Italian theatres… but pink ones are absolutely banned!!!


I bet you enjoyed the play at Shakespeare´s Globe Theather Antonio. I would like to be there ... I´d like to visit Europe sometime actually. Have a nice journey ! sweet home sweet!

ps....but purple (viola) ones are absolutely banned! congratulations Antonio. i like your style and i'm proud of you as an italian your english is very...english

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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