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Wednesday, 05 July 2006

What a wonderful World......Cup!

It is really a dream: the Azzurri will play the World Cup final match!!!! Commentators were right, the match was absolutely fantastic, engrossing, fascinating. I was so concentrated that I didn’t have diner at half time… so only when I got up today, being particularly hungry, I realized that I wasn’t been eating anything for more then 20 hours. A TV spot of famous drink says: “we all speak football”. Yesterday I ate it too!

I was quite tired and I watched the match alone at home but I should have gone to Turin centre. What a shame! I’ll probably watch the final in Sant’Arsenio. When the match finished streets became full of people who screamed and laughed waving their Italian flags. I opened the window and there was such a loud noise that it seemed to be in the stadium. People at windows seemed all to be around an imaginary pitch. What a fantastic moment…

Now I’m watching the other semi-final... ops it has finished. France 1-0 Portugal, so we’ll play the final against France. I’m afraid of the magic Zidane… however I think also France should be afraid of us… eheh! First of all I hope we’ll enjoy a beautiful match… then if I am able to enjoy our victory too, much better!

Tomorrow morning I’ll do my last exam before my summer holiday. It isn’t a hard one and I hope it will be good. Probably on Friday I’ll already come back in Sant’Arsenio. Here after the rain has fallen the weather has become hotter the before… I’d like to swim all the day!

Now I had better go to bed because I must wake up quite early tomorrow to go to University on time.

See you soon

Good night



Hi, I'm Brazilian but in this final match I'm Italian like yours. You know why....(ehehe). In the true I think everyone are champions !!!! Have a nice dreams, Cris !!!

wow! auguri Italia!!! azurri! I only wish the best team to win. I frankly have no favorites...I just don't want to see penalties. Both teams (French and Italian) play really good (they've come this far for something right?).Oh! Antonio, eat! feed yourself! We don't want to hear about a sick antonio later. Ciao!

Hi, Antunio, I feel so happy to hear that. You seems a little tired after the whole 20 hours waiting, so rest for a while, my dear friends. I am crazy about world cup too, but I am not a professional football fan. but I enjoy the strong willing which football match have given us. so, I'd like to share with you the kind feeling on my english study. best regards! sweetchyn

Hi Antonio, first of all i must wish u for your exam.. Good Luck! I have just completed my university degree and awaiting results.. thus i can understand your workload. i enjoy your writing.. i read it over and over as it will help me to improve my grammer and vocabulory as well. Good Luck.

hm It's 2am in VIet Nam when I watched this match. I was sleepy but I wanted to see how G team was beaten ( I don't like Italia much but it's better than Germany ^__^). Because England team was losen, now I support Italia. So I hope they will be the champions!!

Congratulations and well done!!!! you might be a witness to the most exciting game in wonderful exprience would be for you? wishing you and your country good luck in the final match.

Dear all, the first question for this month's competition is now available. We are very sorry for the delay in posting it.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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