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Monday, 11 January 2010

A very late nativity!

Hi everyone,

As promised at the end of the last blog, I now have some photos of the nativity play at our church.

Perhaps I should explain that each year we hold a carol service on the Sunday before Christmas. It's at 5 p.m., so it's dark outside and the church is mainly lit with candles (more about that later!). One year we have a Christingle* service and the following year a nativity play. This year, it was a nativity play. Actually, it's not really a play, but a tableau. The story of the birth of Jesus is read out, and people come forward to represent the characters and gather at the front of the church until there is a full group: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the shepherds, angels and wise men.

This year nothing was rehearsed, so it was a bit nerve-racking! The children and adults arrived half an hour before the service and were kitted out with an appropriate costume. Everyone waited at the back of the church until their part of the story was read out and then made a grand entrance.

A shepherd!
A shepherd

An angel
An angel

It was very simple and very special. I think it was extra special this year, because we had a real baby to represent Jesus: and he was perfectly behaved all the way through!

Mary and the baby
Mary and the baby

And candles? Well, there is also a candlelit service on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately this year a candle was left burning after the service. We arrived on Sunday morning to find the candle had burned through a flower arrangement and a wooden window ledge. The fire had travelled up the window alcove and the heat had cracked the glass in the window....but then it had put itself out! How about that for a miracle?

Take care


carols: religious songs sung at Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus
tableau: a scene represented by people standing on a stage wearing costumes
nerve-racking: something that makes you tense and worried
to kit out: to provide someone with everything they need at that particular time: in this case, clothes

* Christingle


Thank you Carrie for sharing such an interesting blog with us. These children are very cute and this reminds me our school times and tableau:). Best wishes, Naheed

Hi Carrie The children seems to be perfect for the characters. The angel and Jesus are co cute! Some years ago my son was an angel at school but he started to make faces and the tableau turned into a comedy. It was very embarassing for me.

Hi Carrie, I like the tradition you held in England. I think that most of that had vanished here. Young people don't go to churches. At least most of them. Hey, I love the Angel. He really looks like a real one :-) Have a nice day. Cris

Thanks Carrie. I love reading your blog entries and chaching up with new ones. I've learned a lot so far.

The children are very cute and they look like angels :-). See you, Ana Paula.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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