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Monday, 23 November 2009


Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while! Maybe you can guess from the title of this blog why I've been so quiet?

I haven't been abroad since last December...and now suddenly, I'll be visiting 4 countries in the space of 6 weeks. If you count England, it's actually 5 countries! Anyway, I promise I will sit down and write about each country properly - but before I do, I thought you might like a little quiz to see if you can work out where I've been (or where I'm going). Here goes:

October: a European capital city. A city of fairytales.

November: another capital city, but on a different continent. A city of Wonders:

November: a different European capital - home of giant mice, ducks and a castle fit for a princess:

December: this one is easy if you look back to December 2008 - shopping, shopping, shopping!

Take care


Comment corner

Asma: Twinkle, twinkle is one of my favourite rhymes too. The actions are so sweet - especially when you see a whole class of small children pretending to be stars!

Marianna: snow already? Here in England we have had very warm weather - and over the last few days a lot of rain and some very bad floods in the north.

Adrianna: they say that there is a book in everyone. An awful lot of people start to write and then never get anywhere. I must say I would like to be patient enough to write a book, but I'm not sure I would be able to sit still long enough!

Rabail: daisies are beautiful - as a child I used to make daisy chains: chains of daisies made by putting the head of a daisy through the stalk of another daisy. We made crowns and felt like princesses.

Tanya: we have a counting rhyme about piggies (that's baby talk for pigs) - it's done counting toes, starting with the big toe:
This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed at home
This little piggy had roast beef
This little piggy had none
And this little piggy went wee wee wee, all the way home!

Cristina: you made me think: where does the name Bailey come from? Well, it comes from the name of the street and comes from the rampart - also known as a bailey - constructed just outside the wall of the City in Norman times.

Kuldeep: you're right, it is a great way to learn - music and actions definitely help!

Anita: Wow! I'm going to have a go at your rhymes - they look like real tongue-twisters!

Shiny Sue: you write beautifully - your childhood memories are lovely - and a little bit sad.

Filippo: a little bit late, I know, but I didn't dress up for Halloween - did you?

Daria: thank you for the poem - it's still not quite the one I remember, and I'm beginning to think maybe I imagined it!


Hi, Carrie! What a nice blog! I study English for about 4 years, but I'm rather bad in writing and I look forward to overcome it commenting in your blog)) I'm ready for the quiz! 1. I think it's Denmark, Copenhagen! 2. I have no Idea! Egypt? 3. Disneyland! No doubt! 4. Cologne, Germany! Thank you for tip!

Hi Carrie, The answer to your interesting quiz is: October)Copenhagen, Denmark; November)Cario,Egypt; November)Moscow,Russia; December)Cologne,Germany. It will be exciting to read your stories about the countries.

Hi Carrie, With twinkle their eyes twinkle and they make lovley adorable faces. I have observed them closely during that single session, obviously the age group is three to four. Now coming to your quiz:- 1- European capital city. Ans Denmark-Copenhagen 2- November Ans- Egypt 3- November- Disney land Paris 4-December-Germany Cologne (very beautiful. I 'll be waiting for your next wonderful blog. Till then have fun and enjoy your trip. asma

Hi Carrie, Thank you for taking the time to find out the origin of Bailey. BTW, my gosh!!! You travelled a lot. I thought you might have been busy but never imagined that you were on a trip :-) Anyway, it seems that you visited some interesting cities. I'll try to have a go at the quizz. 1) Copenhagen 2) no idea 3) Moscow 4) Cologne, Germany. Waiting for your next blog telling us a bit about each country. Have a nice weekend. Take care, Cris

Hi Carrie! No, I didn't. I had a quiet dinner out. The celebrations of Halloween have been toned down this year. I think it was partly because of All Saints' Day fell on Sunday, but mostly because of the economic downturn. Here are my answers: 1) Copenhagen, 2) Cairo, 3) Paris, 4) Cologne. Great to hear from you. Do not wait too long to post again!! Have a good week ahead!!!

Hi Carrie Woh!!!!you had a lovely trip ! Good on you . I 'm waiting to hear about your adventure . plus it 's the first time that I have been connect to BBC , Directly ,after such a long time . you know what I mean ;-) have a nice day bye

Hi ! My answers : 1- Cophenague 2- Athènes 3- Paris 4- Londres

Hi everyone; that good exercise. Well I think that you were in Rusia the capital Moscu for by the architecture that which sees.

Hi,frankly,I don't know the answers, and I dont want to fabricate.But the important thing is to join quiz, more important thing is to become a member of this spectacular blog. The most important thing is to connect with you,Carrie

Hello Carrie! It seems you have not had quiet 6 weeks. Wow! I make a go of the quiz: 1- Copenhagen, 2- Cairo, 3- Paris, 4- Cologne. I am looking forward to reading your stories with interest. In the meantime, take care!

Hi Carrie, thanks for your reply. It's a pity cause you seem to have so many stories to tell. I have no idea about the places, sorry...

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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