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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Catching up with comments

Hi everyone,

Although I keep promising "Childhood II", I thought I needed to catch up with a few comments first. I love reading all your comments and feel bad that I haven't replied. So, here goes:

The Prince, the Duchess and me
Cris & Naheed: the food at Buckingham Palace was delicious - the trouble is, the plates are very small, so I only ate about 2 mouthfuls of food between breakfast and 7 o'clock in the evening. Fortunately there was plenty of water, juice, tea and coffee to drink!

Ana Paula and Rabail: I found some photos of the Buckingham Palace gardens here

Filippo and Anita: I'd like to say I was cool, calm and collected, but in reality it was very nerve-wracking. One of the Rangers got completely tongue-tied and couldn't remember anything - I suspect that if the Prince had asked her her name, she wouldn't have been able to remember!

Thank you Alessandro - it would be nice to do nothing except sit and blog everyday - but I think you would soon be bored of me! When I was a teenager, I tried to keep a diary every day. I managed for a couple of years - I still have the diaries and looking back they make me laugh! Do you keep a diary?

We are 100
Cris: I admire people who go against the current too - especially when it is for the good of others. You have to be courageous to stand up for something you believe in - it can be very hard to go against convention and traditions. Lord Baden Powell's sister Agnes was the Guide first leader. To ensure that Guiding was considered "acceptable", she is included things like sewing, cooking and laundry, as well as adventurous outdoor activities. Very clever!

Toni: Scouts allowed girls to join almost 20 years ago: I heard recently that there are more girls than boys in Scouts in the UK now: I'm not sure if that is true. However, there are 400,000 Scouts (boys and girls) and 575,000 Guides (girls only), with a waiting list of 50,000 (that's girls wanting to join who can't because there are no spaces available), so Guiding must be doing the right thing! A couple of years ago, 3,200 girls were asked about the issues shaping the lives of their generation: one thing that came out was how much they value the girl-only environment – a place where they can share their feelings, grow in confidence, form strong friendships and know that they have a chance to talk about the issues that matter to them. In the UK we still have a large number of single-sex schools too: not so much for younger children, but for children aged 11-18. Do you have boys or girls-only schools or are all your schools mixed?

Take care


cool, calm and collected: very calm
tongue-tied: unable to say anything because you are shy or nervous


Hi Carrie, here in Spain there are some private schools for single sex. But it are a minority and sometimes this status helps schools to keep an exclusivity vibe. I can understand the girl's feeling, but when I was writting I thought that it would be a yesteryear sense. I'm 45 and I grew up in a boy's school. Under my point of view it has more disavantages than avantages. I have a marvellous Princess (of my eyes), she's is 16. She is used to talk with everybody without sex distinctions. However I must admit that a single-sex organisation is a free option, so much respectable as another ones are. See you. Toni.

How can i login the Staff blog? help me, plz. thx

Hi Carrie! The photos are really nice. Thanks for the link. Hmm... I reckon you ´re want to arouse our curiosity about Childhood II, aren´t you ;-)? Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hi Carrie! The photos are really nice. Thanks for the link. Hmm... I reckon you ´re want to arouse our curiosity about Childhood II, aren´t you ;-)? Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hello Carrie! As usual, thanks for taking time to answer to my comments. I really appreciate it. Have a good day!!

Hi Carrie, First of all......many thanks for taking the time to answer our comments. Though I attended both Primary and High School single-sex school, nowadays they tend to dissapear. I think that the only single-sex schools now are the religious ones (mainly Catholic). However I'm not in favour of them. You have to get used to be with boys from your childhood. I remember being very shy in front of them because of that. Best wishes, Cris

i'd learning english but i don't have friends ,maybe can i join with u

Hi Carrie, I also tried to keep a diary. There wasn't anything important or terrible but all about my feelings. I used to write it in codes in a way that my father would never understand it but I don't have it anymore. One day one of my "former"(after that) boyfriends wanted to read it and I got very angry with that and burnt it.

Hello Carrie! Have a nice day! Thank you for the answers to our questions. I was glad to learn that I am not the only one who gets tongue-tied because of nervousness. :) As far as I know, all schools are mixed in Slovakia. Looking forward to your next entry. Take care!

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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