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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Time waits for no man, especially me :-(

Well, well, well, there's Carrie hassling me and twisting my arm (see The Teacher) to write my second blog and then what do I discover? Carrie has already stolen my thunder in a previous post by writing about exactly the thing that I was going to write about! How rude!

If I was the sort of person who gave up easily, I could say that Carrie shot herself in the foot (see The Teacher) and use that as an excuse to go off and do something else.

But I'm not that type of guy, I'm not going to give up on this blog (see Face Up To Phrasals). No, that wouldn't be right. And if I tried, Carrie would just put me in the dog house (see The Teacher) and I don't want that.

So sit back, put your feet up and get ready to enjoy, 'Bank Holidays and Camping - the photostory'.

A typical bank holiday scene in the UK

I usually go camping on the second bank holiday in the UK (that's around the 1st May - see Carrie's blog for more details). Often, I find myself in traffic jams like the one above. The jams are to be expected along with another British custom on bank holidays - rain.

So, after I've fought my way through the traffic to the campsite I usually find something that looks like this:

"Why do it?", you may ask and I'd have to answer, "I have no answer", which doesn't really get us anywhere. Perhaps it's just a British thing (you can tell us otherwise using the comments).

Wonderfully, this year it was different; the ninety minute car journey only took two hours and it never rained once on the journey or at the campsite :-) Occasionally though, it looked like it might:

Instead we had hours and hours of sunshine, it was almost like being in Brazil or Japan or Italy or Argentina or Vietnam or Pakistan or Taiwan or any country other than England. All of the sunshine meant that I got very burnt (sorry no photos). Getting sunburn is a very typical experience for me and explains why I don't like beach holidays. Lying around on the beach going from white to red is just unpleasant (and a little dull).

The sunshine also meant that I could go out and take some pretty pictures and here they are:

Finally, any good camping trip also requires a fire and some strange effects:

And that's it from me. I'll return soon with another photostory about my favourite hobby. In the meantime, do write and tell us about the worst traffic experiences in your country and what people do on national holidays.

bye for now,


PS: no help from me with the text. If there are words or phrases that you don't understand then send them in as a comment to see if someone on the blogs can help explain them.


Hi, what struck me most with your entry Paul, was the fact, how you particularly fine pair of feet you have! What is more, your sense of humor appeares to have a lot of wit. And thank you very much for sharing your exciting holiday photos with us. If we did not want to go England for holiday before, we most definitely want to do so now. As far as for your question about a miserable traffic experiences, I have very few. The roads in Finland are usually very good and our traffic is nothing like yours in England; only just over 5 million people live here. Best wishes...

Wondeful, it was worth to wait for this original photostory! It has been so dramatic built up that I felt like being there on the scene! At the same time you have helped me to explore new programmes where there are lots of comments available. I hope for your early return for I am realy curious what can be your favourite hobby. I like driving car a lot but without using brakes constantly and I could enjoy this yesterday after long time. Here, in this small country, we are aproaching very fast to the point when it will be more cars than people here. Unfortunately, people, very young or very old, want often own them, despite their very poor abbility to manage the car or to drive a bit faster. Looking forward to all next Staff blogs! Marianna

Hello Paul, it's really good to hear from you the second time. The pictures are beautiful especially the red flowers, by the way, are those flowers or flowerbuds? As for going on the beach under the scorching sun is actually really unpleasent. That sunburnt skin when turns brownish gives a very strange look. But, apart from all that, going on the beach has its own fun and has no match:). Best wishes, Naheed

Hi Paul! It's the first time I've read a blog from you and like the way you describe things. I also enjoyed your pictures! I love England but can anyone explain why the weather is so unpredictable? I only like rain from time to time. We usually have sunny days in the 4 seasons in my country. Rainy days put me down. I could see that traffic jams on national holidays is also very common in muy country too (and everyday in the rush hours). People tend to fly off when there is a long weekend. I remember 2 years ago my husband and I were coming from our summer holidays and got stuck in a traffic jam but due to a group of people who were protesting against something and didn't let the cars pass. It was summer, we were hungry and exhausted and wanted to get home. All the situation drove us mad. It took us a long time to arrive home at last. Well Paul, that's all from me. Say hello to Carrie and have a nice week. Best wishes, Cris

Hi Paul! The traffic jam during the holidays is a problem in my city. Many people spend 5 hours in the traffic to go to the beach ( maybe the Human Genome Project could explain the reason why holiday = beach :-)). Generally people spend 40 minutes to get there. Different from them I prefer to stay in the city and explore its sites. That´s what I´m going to do in the next holiday on this Thursday. Anyway, I´m looking forward to reading about your favourite hobby. Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Very nice holiday you had Paul! In Singapore we don't have bank holidays, we have public holidays on specific festivals, mostly religious. Well, most of the Singaporeans do only two main things during holidays, 1) eat; 2) shopping. Of course some minority also like going to the beaches, going outing, etc. Sometimes I go to science parks, zoo, etc. And as for traffic jam, yeah we do have horrible traffic jam here when people like to travel on public holidays, from singapore to malaysia and the other way back also. Huge amounts of cars and buses and trucks and people will pack themselves near the customs at the singapore-malaysia boundary. So if you try your luck to cross the boundary at such peak hours you will find yourself stuck in the jam for a few hours!

Hello, Thanks for the photographs of beautiful flowers. I would like to explain here the traffic problem of Delhi. More than 10 million people are residing in the city, but the population of National Capital Territory Region is much more than this. I am residing here for more than 10 years. The residents of Delhi use public as well as private transport system for commuting. Average speed of the vehicle in peak hours is about 10-12 kmph. But, the Delhi Metro provides us a big relief from the worst traffic problem of the city. Delhi Metro is operational only in some part of the city, next phase of the metro is under construction. When it will become fully operational from 2010, it will bring more relief for the resident of the Delhi. With regards,

Hi,Paul I know you have been in Carrie's bad books but I think your wonderful entry will be pleased enough for her.I felt like being in a gallary somewhere when I was looking at the pictures.Thank you so much and I can't wait to read your next blogs.I am sure your next letter will live up to my expectations.Have a good day!xx

Hi,Paul, I am very happy to see again the idioms and the phrases I have learnt in your blogg although I cannot remember all their meaning. The flowers in your pictures are beautiful. I like them.

Excuse me, Paul, I can´t stop looking at photos again and again when, sudenly, it came to my mind the question what you, the vegetarian, might eat at the fire? Here, when people sit around the fire somewhere in the countryside they usualy make a barbecue spitting a kind of a ´knackwurst´(you speak German, there isn´t such word in English, is it?) on the wooden stick. Kids like it much too. Hopefuly, this wasn´t too rude and I didn´t spoil your memory on the journey. Though, as a British thing, it might be probably that you drank champagne? Cheers!

Those pictures of flowers are really beautiful!!!!!!! That makes me also want to get a camera and go out having some pictures!!!!But I have no money now,so I have to work harder for this little wish!!!!

Hi Paul, you are really a good salesman, sell BBC LE product with a very perfect,special and effective way. And, you have done your regular job very well of reading all your products including every responses(comments) of readers. That kept me can't stop leaving this blog to tell. Nice jobe Paul, I take my hat off many times to you. Best regards, James( I finally find the scenario to use "take my hat off to", good...)

Hello everyone, thanks for the comments and I'm glad you like the photos. I'd like to claim that it was my special ability but the camera was set to auto, so I think most of the credit should go there. It's interesting to hear that everyone suffers traffic jams - why do we do it? Your questions got me talking to Carrie again - Carrie knows more German than me and is also more of a flower enthusiast. According to Carrie there is no English equivalent to 'knackwurst' and most of the pictures are of flower buds. I wasn't sure whether this was what they looked like after they had flowered or before - I just take pictures rather than study flora and fauna :-( What do vegetarians eat around a campfire? A good question, Marianna. In fact, we didn't use the campfire to cook, we used proper cooking stoves and things and I ate pasta, vegetable curry and I almost ate a toasted marshmallow - but the gelatin stopped me. Others had animals mixed up to look like sausages and things :-) This is getting very long, so I'll stop here. Bye for now

Hello cruel Paul. Nice to hear from you again even without any help with the words! :-). I've never seen those flowers. They are absolutely stunning! And so are your pictures. I'm ashamed of mine. I like camping too. I don't have many troubles with traffic. The last time we had a traffic jam in our city it was because of a bus drivers strike. Luckily I was already inside the building where I work. The experience I've already had at traffic jams was in Rio de Janeiro. My uncle liked to go to Itaipuaçu beach on weekends. So we and the rest of the humanity used to leave downtown crossing the Rio-Niterói bridge. It gave me claustrophobia inside the car so I, my uncle and friends used to open the car's door and go for a chat with people on the other cars. Bye

Hello Paul! On Saint Lucy’s Day 2001(she is not the patron of my city and it is not a public holiday in my region) there was a sudden snowstorm in Veneto. Because of this every road was iced and I got home from school after five hours. It used to take me twenty minutes to get home. The bus that I used to catch was packed and I stayed up the entire time. Plus, I could not advise my family because the battery of my mobile phone run down and due to the bad weather there was no field. It was definitely a long night. LOL As for the traffic jam, the same thing happens over here as well especially in summer when lots of people go on holiday. Bye!!

Hi every one!!!! This is for the first time that I am writing to all of you realy I don't know how to share my ideas with you people, so I would like to request to all of you to help me in this regard. Best regars, Haji

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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