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Special Announcement:
On 1st March we moved to a new blogging system.

The archives of all the student, teacher and staff blogs are still available here to read but commenting has closed.

Here is the link to the new system:

We still have student, staff and teacher blogs for you to comment on, however in the new system you do need to register to leave comments.

If you are new to blogs and would like to find out more blogs in general, what they are and what people blog about then visit the BBC's guide to blogging.




Blog Entries

A blog entry is something written by the blogger and published or put on their blog page. This can include links to pictures, audio and video or it can be just text.


On the student and teacher blog pages the most recent blog entries will appear at the top of the pages. Scroll down the pages to read previous entries.


The Calendars

On the right hand side of the teacher and student blog sites you'll see a calendar for the most recent month. If any dates on the calendars are blue, it means that one or more entries were published on that day. Click on the date and the page will display that day's blogs.


Below each calendar you will see a drop down menu. Use this to see blog entries from previous months. Archive blogs are displayed in date order, from the beginning of the month through to the end of the month.



At the top of each blog entry is the word comment.


Click on it, and you will be able to read comments and add your own to that particular entry.


We publish your comments at least once a day, Monday to Friday. Usually comments will be published the morning after they have been written.


Some points about comments


The main thing which makes a blog different from a broadcast or a standard webpage is that it’s a conversation between the author and the audience.


The success of this blog will depend on you sharing your views and opinions with the student and the teacher blogger - let them know what you think about what they're writing, discuss language points raised by the teacher, ask questions ...


Try to keep your comments short and relevant to the blog entry you are commenting on. As you might expect, we won't publish comments which are abusive or offensive. Read our house rules for more guidance on what would be an acceptable comment.


We will publish as many comments as possible but unfortunately we can't guarantee to publish every comment sent in.