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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 9

Tony and May are on the ninth day of their conference in Manchester. Things have been good up till now and there are many people attending the event today. So how will things go now?

Find out by listening to their conversations with some customers. Afterwards, try answering the questions.

Audio listen to the first part of the conversation.

Transcript read the first part of the conversation.


Good Day
Good Day
Word playWord play

Bad Day
Good Day

Glossary see the glossary

Questions - part 1
1. What is the first customer interested in?
May giving a customer some advice a) A holiday on page 30 of the brochure
b) A holiday that's on special offer
c) A new holiday brochure
d) Two holidays, at cheap prices
2. How much deposit do customers have to pay?
a) 25%
b) 15%
c) 20%
d) 10%
3.When will the customer receive confirmation of a booking?
a) About a fortnight
b) Within a day or two
c) The same day the booking is made
d) In one week
That's another holiday sold which will keep their boss happy. But Anita's on the way to visit them. Is there a problem? Find out by listening in to their conversation. Afterwards, try to answer the questions.

Audio listen to the second part of the conversation.
Transcript read the second part of the conversation.

Questions - part 2
4. When do customers have to pay the balance?
a) One week before they leave
b) At the airport before they leave
c) Ten days before their holiday
d) When they book the holiday
5. Why is Anita meeting Tony and May at one o'clock?
a) They are going to watch a football match
b) They are going to phone their boss
c) They are going to look at some new brochures
d) They are going to sign a business agreement
6. Why is Tony so excited about this evening?
Tony a) He's going to see his first big football match
b) He's playing in his first big football match
c) He's going to watch Manchester City
d) He has managed to buy some tickets for a big football match
No problems, just an opportunity to go to a football match. Now see how much you understand by trying the exercise on the Word play page.

Dialogue Go to the Word play page

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