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Learning English
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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 8

Did you have fun with the car in day Seven? Now it's back to work and a telephone call with your boss. He wants to know about the agent you've found. You know that they wanted fourteen percent commission, but they've agreed eleven percent.

Watch the video and choose the best answers to your boss' questions. If you need more time to answer, pause the video.

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Good Day
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Bad Day
Bad Day

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1. Hello, how's the conference going?
Photo 1 a) Great
b) Fine thanks
c) Fantastic
d) Fabulous. Thanks for asking
2. Have you met with the British company to discuss our partnership?
a) Yes, I have
b) No, not yet
c) Yes, thanks
d) Yes, I will
3. Did you describe to them what we need in Britain?
a) I told them we wanted a good agent
b) Yes, I told them we want to make money
c) Yes, I discussed our requirements
d) Yes, I told them we want them to work for us
4. What did they say about commission?
Photo 2 a) They will do the work for free
b) They say they want 14 percent commission
c) They say they want 12 percent
d) They say they will pay us 10 percent commission
5. Did they agree with our offer of 11 percent?
a) Yes. They want 14 percent
b) No, thank you
c) Not at all
d) Yes they did. We will sign the contract tomorrow
Success! They accepted eleven percent commission. How well do Tony and May get on? Find out by going to the Audio page.

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