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Learning English
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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 8
 Quiz - Feedback to the office


Welcome to today's quiz.

Here you can check some of the things you have learnt in this unit; grammar, vocabulary, phrases and other things...

Look at the sentences below and choose the right answer - a or b. Then Click on the button below to check your answers.

Delegates Meet the People
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Meet some delegates >

People walking


1. Which is better?

Tony and May go usually to the exhibition in the morning

Tony and May usually go to the exhibition in the morning.

2. Which is correct?

The exhibition is going good

The exhibition is going well

3. Which is correct grammar?

We've agreed to pay the agents 10%.

We've agreed paying the agents 10%.

4. May convinced Tony to go to an action film. What did she say?

I ordered him to come with me

I persuaded him to come with me

5. What does May's boss ask? Which is correct?

How's the exhibition coming?

How's the exhibition going?

6. Tony's boss asks about his time in Manchester now. Which question is correct?

Do you have a good time in Manchester?

Are you having a good time in Manchester?

7. May's boss agrees about prices in England. Which statement is correct?

I suppose so

I suppose

8. Tony and May need to ....................... in their discussions

...see out some details

...sort out some details

9. Tony's boss said that he ...............................

...should check the company more carefully

...should to check the company more carefully

10. Tony says he will try hard to make things better. What does he say?

I'll do my best

I'll do good


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