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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 7
 Meet the People: Conference delegates


Conferences cost money and are often in places away from your hometown. So why do people go to them? Well, we went to a conference on interactivity and the music industry to find out.

Listen to the views and tips of some delegates from the conference. What are the reasons they all go to conferences?

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Interviewing conference delegates

As you listen to the delegates, try to work out what these words and phrases mean: networking, state of play and official programme.

Delegate 1 : Audio

I go to conferences to meet people in the industry and to talk to them to find out what is going on, to catch up with what the latest trends are and to find out news and information for my magazine.

Delegate 2 : Audio

I think they should make sure they talk to people and if they are sitting in a bar, make sure that they start a conversation with the person sitting next to them because it's all about networking.

Delegate 3 : Audio

This is the first new media conference I've come to and the reason I'm here is to explain my business and the way that the company I work for works.

Delegate 4 : Audio

As a journalist I go to conferences because that's where you get to meet interesting people and get interesting stories. So, it's a nice way of meeting people who are working in the industry that I report on and it's also a good way to find out exactly what the state of play in that industry is at a certain time.

Delegate 4 again : Audio

I think that the main thing is to not treat a conference as something that is purely the official programme. It's the whole event and the people that you meet and you should feel able to approach people and talk to them and not feel that it's a series of things to attend. You should try to immerse yourself in it and use all the networking opportunities that there are, and don't be afraid to just come up to people and introduce yourself and find out what they do.


Did you work what those words meant? Well, test yourself with this quick quiz. Click on the answers that you think are right and then press 'Check Answers'.

networking meeting new people who maybe useful for you to know
helping build computers
state of play the current economic position of a particular industry
the current position of someone in a game
official programme the pre-organised events at a conference
the television programme about the conference



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