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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 8

They're already on their eighth day, so what will Tony and May do today? Well May has to speak to her boss to explain how they are getting on with finding an agent.

Listen into the telephone conversation and then try to answer the questions below.

Audio listen to the first part of the conversation.

Transcript read the first part of the conversation.


Good Day
Good Day
Word playWord play

Bad Day
Good Day

Glossary see the glossary

Questions - part 1
1. What does May say about the shop prices in Britain?
May a) She says they are VERY expensive
b) She says they are a little expensive
c) She thinks they are a bit cheaper than she expected
d) She thinks the prices are about the same
2. What is the commission they have agreed?
a) Twelve percent
b) Ten percent
c) Eleven percent
d) Thirteen percent
3. What does May say about prospective agents?
a) They are reliable, but inexperienced
b) She thinks they are unreliable
c) She does not think they will do a good job
d) They are reliable and experienced
Well the boss seems pleased, so things are going well for our duo in Manchester. But their boss still has some tricky questions to ask. Find out what they are by listening to the second part of the conversation.

Audio listen to the second part of the conversation.
Transcript read the second part of the conversation.

Questions - part 2
4. What is May's boss going to fax?
a) An invitation to a wedding
b) A contract for the agents to sign
c) A draft copy of the contract
d) A new cover for the company brochure
5. What else do the agents want?
a) A company video
b) A large number of advertising posters
c) A new contract to sign
d) They need a large number of brochures
6. Who are Tony and May meeting with over the next two days?
Tony and May a) They are meeting the directors of the company
b) They are meeting other companies
c) They are meeting with their boss
d) They are meeting with the Conference manager
So, a good end to the day, with even a 'thanks' from the boss. Now see how you day ends by trying the exercises on the Wordplay page.

Dialogue Go to the Word play page

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