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Learning English
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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 7
 Quiz - Renting a car


Welcome to today's quiz.

Here you can check some of the things you have learnt in this unit; grammar, vocabulary, phrases and other things...

Look at the sentences below and choose the right answer - a or b. Then Click on the button below to check your answers.

A car Meet the People
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A car

A day in the life of a car rental person >

A car


1. How do we say that May and Tony had a free day?

They had a day away

They had a day off

2. Where do you rent a car?

At a car rental company

At a car rental shop

3. Which is correct grammar?

Grange is famous for its sandy beach

Grange is famous of its sandy beach

4. Tony and May went by car. Which is correct?

They drove to the Lake District

They drived to the Lake District

5. The man says: 'Is a Volkswagen ...................., sir?'


all right

6. Tony agrees. What does he say? Which is better?

I suggest it'll be good

I suppose it'll do

7.May asks: 'How long will it ................... to get there'



8. Which is correct?

We phoned the car company

We phoned to the car company

9. Which is better?

Everything seemed to go wrong

Everything looked to go wrong

10. Tony forgets his driving licence. He tries to use his passport. What can he say?

Will my passport do?

Will my passport go?


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