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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 7
 Meet the People: Michael Langley

A car rental person

If someone is going to be abroad for a period of time, or they don't have their own form of transport, they often hire a vehicle to travel around in. Michael Chapman Langley works for a vehicle hire, or rental, company.

Listen to him to find out what his job involves and for some tips on renting cars.

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A car

Interviewing Michael

How do car rental offices work? Find out from Michael and, as you do, listen out for these three words and phrases: rentable order, working underneath me and automatic.

Why do you think they mean?

Audio The Person

My name is Michael Chapman Langley. I work for Budget Car and Van rental. I'm the branch manager of Budget, Euston, which is in central London.

Audio The Job

My job involves renting vehicles to customers, as well as doing the daily paperwork for the entire branch, as well as checking that vehicles are in a rentable order and training my staff and I have a set of seven staff members working underneath me.

Audio The Customer

We're here to service every question that a customer has about car rental. When a customer comes into the office the first thing we establish is where they want to go, what type of vehicle they can drive. A lot of customers that come from abroad can not drive manual vehicles, but don't understand that manual vehicles are basically what we have on fleet; we have very few automatic vehicles on fleet.

We then also explain to customers the procedure for renting a car, exactly what they would need to rent a vehicle, for example, the minimum age to rent a car with Budget is 23.


Did you work what those words meant? Well, test yourself with this quick quiz. Click on the answers that you think are right and then press 'Check Answers'.

rentable order in a good, working condition
in bad, working condition
working underneath me someone who works on a different floor in the building
someone who works for you
automatic a car that changes gears for you
a car that drives itself


Michael's four top tips on car rental

Tip 1: Audio

The first tip is to establish at the time of enquiry how many people are travelling and how much luggage they will have. This would make it easier to allocate a car that would fit their needs.

Tip 2: Audio

Another tip for renting a vehicle and also mainly for driving in the UK is that the UK has a lot of roundabouts in the roads. The main tip is; make sure you allow all vehicles on the right of you to go before you go.

Tip 3: Audio

Another tip is that all vehicles in the UK, it is compulsory to wear a safety belt in the back seat. Always makes sure, when you're checking a vehicle on the time of rental that the back seat belts do work.

Tip 4: Audio

Another tip when renting a vehicle is to establish whether the vehicle is a petrol or a diesel vehicle. You must always establish this at the time of rental, as the costs incurred to siphon the wrong fuel out of a vehicle are very high.

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