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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 7

Day seven in Manchester and Tony and May finally get a day off work. But what will they do with it? They want to get out of the city.

Find out how they get on by listening to their conversation in a car rental office. After listening to the first part, answer the questions and read the transcript.

Audio listen to the first part of the conversation.

Transcript read the first part of the conversation.


Good Day
Good Day
Word playWord play

Bad Day
Good Day

Glossary see the glossary

Questions - part 1
1. What kind of car does Tony want to hire?
Car rental man a) A fast saloon car
b) A fast sports car
c) A big red car
d) He does not mind
2. How much would the Porsche cost Tony and May?
a) Fifty pounds between them
b) A hundred pounds each
c) Fifty pounds per person
d) Fifty pence each
3. How much is the Mercedes?
a) Eighty pounds
b) Ninety-five pounds
c) One hundred pounds
d) Eighty-five pounds
Well, there are a lot of cars to choose from, but May wants a normal, cheap car. Who will win, May or Tony? Find out by listening to the second part of their conversation and then answer the following questions.

Audio listen to the second part of the conversation.
Transcript read the second part of the conversation.

Questions - part 2
4. What kind of car do they finally rent?
a) A red Porsche
b) A red Mercedes coupe
c) A red Volkswagen
d) A red Windermere
5. What does the assistant suggest they do in the Lake District?
a) To visit Lake Windermere, then Kendal
b) He recommends nothing at all
c) He recommends Lake Windermere and Keswick
d) To visit Lake Windermere via Grange and Kendal
6. How long does it take from Manchester to the Lake District?
Car rental man a) Approximately two hours
b) About three hours
c) Exactly two hours
d) About four hours
And away they go, for a day out in Lake Windermere. Now you have a chance to test yourself by visiting the Wordplay page.

Dialogue Go to the Word play page

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