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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 7

We are with Tony and May on the seventh day of their conference in Manchester. Today should be fun because they don't have to go to work. But what will they do?

Find out now, as we join Tony and May in a car rental company.

Audio listen to the first part of the conversation.

Transcript read the first part of the conversation.


Bad Day
Bad Day
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Good Day
Good Day

Glossary see the glossary

Questions - part 1
1. Why couldn't Tony hire the red sports car?
Car rental man a) A woman had already rented it
b) It was already rented to another customer
c) The car belonged to the assistant
d) The car had broken down
2. What does May think about renting the red sports car?
a) She thinks it is a good idea
b) She thinks the green sports car would be better
c) She thinks it costs too much
d) She thinks that it is cheap
3. How many cars did the car rental company have for hire?
a) Two, a red sports car and a Fiat
b) Three cars
c) Four cars
d) Just one car
Poor Tony! He thought he could have a nice sports car, but someone had already rented it. Will his day get any better? Probably not, especially as Tony has forgotten a very important document!

Audio listen to the second part of the conversation.
Transcript read the second part of the conversation.

Questions - part 2
4. What did Tony forget?
a) His passport
b) His wallet
c) His driving licence
d) His umbrella
5. What did he have to do to reserve the car?
a) Pay a deposit and hand over his passport
b) Fill in some papers
c) Pay the rental fee and fill in the papers
d) Fill in some papers and pay a deposit
6. Why couldn't the assistant recommend anything special to visit?
Car rental man a) Because he doesn't know the Lake District
b) Because he comes from Newcastle
c) He didn't want to tell them
d) He was lazy
If it can go wrong, with Tony around, you can be sure it will go wrong. Now, check how much you know by going to the Word play page.

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