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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 5

It's Day 5 and time for you to test your English. Imagine you are walking in Manchester and you get lost! You have to find the way! Watch the video and choose the best responses.

Remember, you can always pause the video if you need more time to answer.

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Bad Day
Bad Day
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Good Day
Good Day

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1. Hello, can I help you?
Photo 1 a) Tell me the way to Piccadilly Gardens
b) Yes, I'm trying to find Piccadilly Gardens. Are they straight on?
c) Where is Piccadilly Gardens?
d) I am lost here. What can I do?
2. No! Piccadilly Gardens are a long way from here! Go back, and then turn left into Mosley Street
a) So I go back and then turn left?
b) Thank you. Goodbye
c) Thank you. I will go back now
d) Turn right and then go straight?
3. Yes, that's Mosley Street. Then you carry straight on for about twenty minutes
Photo 2 a) So then I turn left into Portland Street?
b) In Princess Street I turn right?
c) Thanks. So I just go along Mosley Street?
d) I'm fed up! I'll get a taxi!
4. Yes, you just go straight on. You'll see the Gardens on your right
a) I turn back again?
b) On the right at the end of Mosley Street?
c) I go to Princess Street?
d) I'm going to have a cup of tea instead
5. Yes, the gardens are at the end of Mosley Street on the right
a) Sorry, can you tell me where to go?
b) Thanks a lot. I'm completely lost now
c) Goodbye. I'm going now
d) Thank you for your help
Phew, that was difficult, but now you can find out how much trouble Tony and May are having. Visit the Audio page and listen to the diary.

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