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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 3

Being at a conference can feel like a holiday, providing it all goes well. Now, imagine you are at a conference and it's time to phone your boss.

Tell him about it and answer his questions. What does he want you to do? Remember you can pause the video to give you more time of you need.

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Good Day
Good Day
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Bad Day
Bad Day

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1. Hello. Jane Stein here. Can I help you?
Photo 1 a) Hello, This is Ashley. I'm calling from Manchester
b) Hi there! How's things?
c) Yes, you can
d) Yes, I'm in Manchester
2. Hello, is the conference going well?
a) Yes
b) Yes, it is
c) Yes, I'm in Manchester
d) Yes, thanks, it's going very well
3. Are there many people visiting the stand?
a) Yes, we are getting many visitors
b) Yes, thank you
c) Yes, we are having a good time
d) Yes, the conference is going well
4. Have you met any good agents yet?
Photo 2 a) No, none
b) No, not yet. But we are looking for one
c) Never
d) Nobody
5. Fine. Have a good week?
a) Thank you. I'll phone again soon. Goodbye
b) Bye
c) See you soon. Cheers
d) We will
Did you answer all the questions? Now find out how things are going for Tony and May by visiting the Audio page.

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