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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 3

It's day 3 for May and Tony at the Sun, Sea and Sand travel conference in Manchester. But what has the day been like? Find out now by listening to May's audio diary.

Afterwards, test your understanding by answering the questions below and then read the transcript.

Audio listen to the first part of May's audio diary

Transcript read the first part of May's audio diary


Bad Day
Bad Day
Word playWord play

Good Day
Good Day

Glossary see the glossary

Questions - part 1
1. What is the name of the conference and exhibition?
A beach a) Sun, Sea and Sand
b) Going on Holiday
c) Sand, Sea and Sun
d) Comfort Tours
2. How many people came to the exhibition stand?
a) Many people
b) About thirty people
c) A few people
d) Almost nobody
3. Why are Tony and May unhappy with their stand?
a) Because it is far from the restaurant
b) Because it is at the back of the hall
c) Because it is not clean
d) Because it is not a good place to work
Things aren't going very well at the moment for Tony and May. What's their boss going to say? Find out by listening to the second part of May's diary and answer the questions below. Afterwards, listen again and read the transcript.

Audio listen to the second part of May's audio diary
Transcript read the second part of May's audio diary

Questions - part 2
4. When they telephoned their boss, what sort of mood was she in?
a) Sad
b) Bad
c) Happy
d) Depressed
5. When they telephoned their boss, what did she say?
a) She said they were doing well
b) She said they must work harder
c) She said the problems were their fault
d) She said they should come home
6. After the conference, what did Tony buy?
Some cds a) A CD by 'Oasis'
b) A new leather jacket and sunglasses
c) Some perfume for his girlfriend
d) A CD by Frank Sinatra
You can't win them all and at least May managed to buy some music. Now you can have a chance to hear May and Tony's conversation by going to the Dialogue page.

Dialogue Go to the Dialogue page

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