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Learning English
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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 2

Just like Tony and May, you have now arrived at a conference. You should have a stand at the conference, so you are a delegate, not a visitor. But has the conference got your booking?

Find out by answering the conference assistant's questions. Remember, you can pause the video to give yourself more time if you need. To select an answer, choose a, b, c or d.

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Bad Day
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Good Day
Good Day

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1. Good morning. Welcome to the travel conference. Are you a visitor or a delegate?
Photo 1 a) I am a visitor
b) I am a delegate
c) I am staying at the Busby Hotel
d) Here is my passport
2. Do you have your registration papers please?
a) No thank you
b) No, I'm sorry
c) Nothing at all
d) Can I have two rooms please?
3. I'm afraid you are not registered. Can you fill out these forms please?
Photo 2 a) No. I don't want to
b) Certainly not
c) Certainly
d) Can I do it tomorrow?
4. Your exhibition stand is over there, near the toilets.
a) Thank you, that's lovely
b) I'm a visitor, not a delegate
c) Can't we have a better stand?
d) Where are the toilets?
5. No, I'm sorry, that's the only stand available.
a) Well, could I speak to the manager please?
b) That's OK. No problem.
c) That's terrible! Get me a better one!
d) Thank you. That's great.
A stand near the toilets! That's not very good at all. How will Tony and May get on? Find out by going to the audio page and listening to their diaries.

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