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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 2

It's time to hear the actual conversation that Tony and May had when they tried to register at the conference.

It wasn't a very good experience for them - Find out why by listening to the conversation. Afterwards, try to answer the questions below and then read the transcript.

Audio listen to the first part of the conversation.

Transcript read the first part of the conversation.


Bad Day
Bad Day
Word playWord play

Good Day
Good Day

Glossary see the glossary

Questions - part 1
1. Where are Tony and May?
Tony and May a) in Chinatown
b) at a conference in Manchester
c) in London
d) in South America
2. How long did they wait to register?
a) one hour
b) two hours
c) half an hour
d) four hours
3. What is the number of their stand?
a) 56
b) 65
c) 76
d) 75
Oh dear! What else can go wrong for Tony and May? Find out by listening to the second half of the conversation. Afterwards, try to answer the last three questions and then read the transcript and listen to the conversation again.

Audio listen to the second part of the conversation.
Transcript read the second part of the conversation.

Questions - part 2
4. Who did Tony and May speak to, to help them?
a) the conference secretary
b) their boss
c) the receptionist
d) John Smyth, the conference manager
5. Where did they want their stand to be?
a) near the toilets
b) near the entrance
c) near the coffee shop
d) near the exit
6. What is the problem at their exhibition stand?
Some boxes a) some boxes are missing, and some are broken
b) the stand is old and broken
c) the stand is far from the coffee bar
d) It is very dirty
They've got a stand near the toilets. Not a great start for Tony and May, but perhaps it will get better. Before you find out what happens in Day 3, test your English by trying the exercises on the Word play page.

Dialogue Go to the Word play page

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