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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 1

Tony and May are now in Manchester. They need to check into a hotel and you will find out how well they do.

But first, have a go yourself. You've found a hotel and you want a single room with a bathroom. How would you ask for them?

Test yourself by watching the video and answering the hotel receptionist's questions.

Audio watch the video

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Good Day
Good Day
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Bad Day
Bad Day

Glossary see the glossary

1. Good evening, can I help you?
Photo 1 a) Yes, I'd like a single room.
b) Yes, I'd like two single rooms with ensuite bathrooms.
c) Yes, I'd like a single room with ensuite bathroom.
d) Yes, I'd like two double rooms with shower.
Do you have a reservation?
a) Yes, I booked a few weeks ago in the name of Experienced Holidays.
b) I want a reservation.
c) Yes, I booked a few weeks ago in the name of Experienced Holidays. No, I don't want a room.
d) No, I want to go to the conference.
3. How long will you be staying?
a) Two people.
b) By cheque please.
c) Ten days.
d) Tomorrow.
4. How do you intend to pay?
Photo 2 a) After ten days.
b) By company credit card.
c) Immediately.
d) Fifty pounds per night.
5. Here are your keys. Have a good evening.
a) I want a shower.
b) Ta. Cheers.
c) Where can I have breakfast?
d) Thank you. You too.
Did you get your room? Good. Now go to the audio page to find out how well Tony and May are getting on at their hotel.

Dialogue  Go to the Audio page

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