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Learning English
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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 10
 Word play

All work and no eating made Tony and May very hungry. So, in Day 10, they took their new agent, Anita Handley, to a restaurant. It was a disaster.

Now it's your turn. You're taking 2 friends to your favourite restaurant. See how much restaurant language you remember, by completing the task below. Good luck!

Bad Day
Bad Day
Word playWord play

Good Day
Good Day

At a restaurant

Choose the correct response from the boxes on the right.

Then click on the button 'check answers' to see how well you did.

1. Ask for a table for yourself and two friends
2. You want a table for people who don't smoke
3. Ask to see the list of food that is available
4. Tell the waiter that you'll have soup first
5. Explain that you have been given the wrong food
6. Tell the waiter how you would like your steak cooked
7. You are tired of waiting for your food!
8. The bill is too expensive!









To do yourself, or with friends
1. Find out what people say in English when people raise their glasses to each other

2. Find out the difference between ...

sparkling water
still water
tap water

See possible answers


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