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Learning English
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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 10

You've reached Day 10 and you are going to a restaurant. The waiter has some questions for you. If you successfully answer the questions you'll be able to have a meal.

Watch the video and choose the best answers from the options given. If you need more time to answer, pause the video.

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Good Day
Good Day
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Bad Day
Bad Day

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1. Good evening sir, madam. Do you have a reservation?
Photo 1 a) No. We don't have a table
b) Yes, we booked a table for 6
c) Yes. I have one in my bag
d) Yes waiter. Take us there now
2. Ah, yes. Would you like to have a drink in the bar first?
a) No thank you. We'll go straight to the table
b) Yes, if you like
c) Yes. I'd like some chocolate
d) No. Show us the table will you
3. Can I take your coats?
a) No. I'll keep mine on
b) It half past nine
c) Thank you very much
d) Ta, waiter
4. Can I get you an aperitif?
Photo 2 a) Cheers! Thanks a lot
b) Yes, a dry sherry please
c) Three packets of crisps please
d) No, thank you. I'm not hungry
5. Would you like the menu, or will you wait for your colleagues?
a) Yes. I can't wait
b) I'll have the fish
c) Could I have the bill please?
d) Thank you, we'll wait
Did you answer all five questions? Now find out how May and Tony get on by going to the Audio page.

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