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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 10

It's the final day, Day 10 and you are going to a restaurant. You want to eat at a particular restaurant but there is a problem with your booking.

Watch the video and choose the best responses to the questions from your waiter. Remember, you can always pause the video if you need more time to answer.

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Bad Day
Bad Day
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Good Day
Good Day

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1. Good evening. Do you have a reservation
Photo 1 a) No. We'll take the table over there
b) Yes, we booked a table for 6
c) No. Can we make one please?
d) Yes, waiter
2. Ah, I'm afraid we have no record of any reservation
a) Well, we booked in the name of Marshall
b) Why not? Didn't you write it down!
c) Can we make a reservation now please?
d) Find us a table now
3. Well, I do have one table; it's next to the kitchen
Photo 2 a) Why don't you tell some people to leave?
b) That's no good. We'll go somewhere else!
c) Don't you have any other table?
d) Where's the manager? I want to complain
4. I'm afraid not. That table is the only one we have for four people
a) Can we sit outside?
b) Well, I suppose we'll have to take it
c) OK. But we expect a discount on the bill
d) Well you should have more tables!
5. Would you like a drink while you are waiting?
a) No
b) Yes. Get us a bottle of wine now
c) Can you bring us the menu please?
d) Yes, please
How's the drink? Now Tony and May are taking Anita to a restaurant. But somebody has done something stupid. To find out who, visit the Audio page and listen to the diary.

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