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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
Day 10

Day 10, the end of the conference and the end of Tony and May's trip to Manchester. But how did their last day go? Tony's here with a personal diary.

Find out how things are going by listening to him and then answer the questions. Afterwards, read the transcript.

Audio listen to the first part of May's audio diary

Transcript read the first part of May's audio diary


Bad Day
Bad Day
Word playWord play

Good Day
Good Day

Glossary see the glossary

Questions - part 1
1. When did Tony and May take down their stand?
Conference things a) After breakfast
b) At four o'clock in the afternoon
c) At lunchtime
d) Just before they went to dinner
2. What was successful about their ten days stay at the conference?
a) They sold a lot of holidays
b) They found a company to represent them in Britain
c) Their stand was one of the most popular ones at the exhibitions
d) They found a company called Flypaper to represent them
3. What did they do on their final evening?
a) They went out to a fish restaurant with their new agents
b) They went to a café to eat fish and chips with Anita.
c) They went to the theatre to watch Sleeping Beauty
d) They went to meet Anita and her colleagues at an Italian restaurant
The final day, it'll soon be time to go home. The conference wasn't the success they hoped for, but at least they found an agent. Listen to Tony to find out how the rest of the day went.

Audio listen to the second part of May's audio diary
Transcript read the second part of May's audio diary

Questions - part 2
4. What kind of problems occurred in the restaurant?
a) The portions were too big and undercooked
b) The table was too near the entrance to the restaurant
c) The table was very small and in a poor position
d) The manager forgot their reservation and they had to sit at a small table
5. Did Tony enjoy his meal?
a) Yes. He thought it was the best meal of his stay
b) No. The portions were too large and cold
c) No. He had to complain to the manager
d) No. He was still hungry when he left the restaurant
6. What is Tony's opinion of Anita?
Tony and Anita a) He thinks she will be an asset to the company
b) He thinks she would make a lovely wife
c) He thinks she won't help them in future
d) He thinks she knows little about the travel business
It's all over and what a relief for Tony and May. Ten days of hard work and very little success. Now listen to their conversation with Anita over dinner

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