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Presentations: body


After you have greeted your guests, you will begin to go through the main body of your presentation. It's very useful to have some visual aids - some slides, pictures or graphs that help explain what you are saying. Sometimes they can also help to keep your audience interested in your presentation!


Imagine you are giving a presentation and using some visual aids. What phrases might you use to draw your audience’s attention to these slides?


Now listen to two examples of people giving presentations. As you listen, see if you can hear some of the phrases above.

Check understanding

Check your understanding by reading the scripts below:

Clip 1
“If you have a look at this first graph, you can see that our sales topped 50 million the year before last. Then last year sales dropped to 40 million, with a slight recovery at the end of the financial year. However, this year sales have continued to drop to an all time low of 30 million. Now let’s look at our market share. As you can see, we have 25% of the market share, 10% down on last year.”

Clip 2
A good example of how important internal communications are is shown by some findings from research that we have recently undertaken. Good communications is a very key factor in staff motivation. If you look at this slide, you will see how important it is to get the basics in place. You need to identify your communication requirement, agree your objectives and success criteria, identify your target audiences, define the content of your message and determine the style of delivery. A good illustration of the communication process is when all those basics fall into place naturally.”

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Language Expert

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