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Meetings: any other business


Business meetings typically end with the chairperson asking if there is ‘any other business’. This is an opportunity for anyone present to raise an issue that isn’t on the agenda. After any other business, the chairperson closes the meeting.


Imagine that you are a chairperson ending a meeting with any other business. What might you say or hear?


To end this module, we’ll hear a clip of Sean closing his team’s meeting with a request for any other business. As you listen, try and hear the phrases above.

Check understanding

Check your understanding by reading the script below:

Sean: Okay - any other business?
Will: Yes, I would like to say something. An illustrator came in last week, and I think she's very good and it would be wise to put her on our books.
Sean: … okay …
Will: I would like to be able to show her drawings and her portfolio in the next couple of days. If that’s all right...
All: That sounds good
Sean: Yes, I'll look forward to seeing those. Right, I think that’s probably about it, but anybody got anything else that they desperately want to raise before we wrap up?
All: Nope.
Sean: No? Okay. We'll be having another meeting, but there are a couple of conflicts in the diary so I think the best thing is if I email the date of the next meeting.

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Language Expert

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