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Meetings: agreeing and disagreeing


Inevitably, people will agree and disagree with one another during meetings. It’s important to make your position in a debate clear, while being polite to people you disagree with.


Imagine that you are in a meeting and you disagree with someone over an issue. How might you make your point politely?


In the next audio clip, you will hear that Tim and Carrie have two different positions on an issue. As you listen, try and hear the phrases mentioned above.

Check understanding

Check your understanding by reading the script below:

Sean: The office move, as you know, the plans have been up by the main exit for a week now. I just wanted to see what kind of feedback you’ve got.
Tim: Yeah, Sean, I’m sorry, but I really strongly disagree with the new floor plan. I think it's divisive to separate the secretaries and the assistants out from the editors and managers. I’d be much happier if we could be located in teams.
Carrie:Actually, I think Sean is right. I’ve been chatting to some of the secretaries and they’re quite keen to all be sitting in the same area, and, speaking as an editor, I think I’d like to be with other editors so that we can bounce ideas off each other and things. So I think Sean’s floor plan is right.

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Language Expert

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