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Telephone: wrong number


If you dial the wrong number it can be confusing and embarrassing. But how do you find out that you've made a mistake? And how can you check to be sure?

Imagine you've dialled the wrong number. What might the person who answers your call say? What would you say in reply?

Now listen to two more telephone conversations. Both conversations contain phrases you might hear if you dial a wrong number. As you listen, see if you can hear some of the phrases above.

Check understanding

Check your understanding by reading the scripts below:

Male:Hello, this is the press office.
Michelle:Rachel Allsop please.
Male:I’m sorry, you must have the wrong number. There’s no-one of that name here.
Michelle:Oh. Can I check the number I’ve got…. is that not  5568790?
Male: No, it’s 5558790.
Michelle:Oh sorry about thatI must have dialled the wrong number.
Male:No problem!  Bye!
Male:Hello, press office, can I help you?
Ruth:Hello. Paul Richards, please.
Male:I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong number, but he does work here.  I’ll try and put you through.  In future his direct number is 5558770.
Ruth:Did I not dial that?
Male:No you rang 5558790.
Ruth:Oh, sorry to have troubled you.
Male:No problem.  Hang on a moment and I’ll put you through to Paul’s extension.

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Language Expert

Language Expert

Our expert explains the multi-word verbs like "hang up" or "hold on" that often feature in telephone conversations.