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CVs 3: Organising Information

Although there are different views on how to organise a CV, most prospective employers would expect to see the following headings

Education Referees Personal Details Profile
Additional Skills Interests Professional Experience

Jasper Bergfeld, a German graduate, is compiling his CV. He has collected the relevant details but now he must organise them. Look at the following points and decide which heading Jasper should put them under.


University of Stuttgart - degree in Business Information Management: answer = 'Education'

CVs: Cv in an envelope

schools, university, other training and qualifications

former bosses, teachers or other people who would be willing to confirm that you are a good candidate

personal details
nationality, age etc.

a few lines summarising who you are, what you're good at and what makes you special

additional skills
things you can do that weren't part of your formal training, such as languages, computer skills etc.

do you like reading, dancing, football, etc?

professional experience
previous jobs and what your role was

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