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Jobsearch 4: Selection (part 1)

When a firm wants to fill a vacancy, it will go through certain procedures to find a suitable employee. This is called a 'selection process'.

This text describes a typical selection process, but in the wrong order! Drag the sentences into their correct places so that the paragraph makes sense.

See if you are correct by clicking 'check'. The sentences in the correct place will be highlighted in green. Click 'try again' to correct your mistakes.

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Job search: Magnifying glass

arranged in a particular order, e.g. putting the best CVs together

a short list
a list containing the names of the most suitable people

dates and times when people will meet, but can also be used to mean that people have been given particular jobs

a job offer
a formal request asking that someone accepts a job

an employment contract
a formal, legal agreement setting out what will be provided by both the employer and the employee