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Jobsearch 2: Describing ability

A Human Resources Manager has drawn up a shortlist of applicants he feels would be suitable for a vacancy in his company. Look at the descriptions of the candidates he plans to invite for interview.

  • Hamed has a can-do attitude and is able to meet deadlines
  • Tomoko is a self-starter who can work on her own initiative
  • Ivan is able to multi-task and has a proven track record
  • Li is an effective team player with a customer-focused approach
  • Cristina is numerate and computer literate
Job search: Magnifying glass

human resources manager
someone who employs people for a firm, also known as a personnel manager

the dates or times when certain tasks must be completed

to work on your own initiative
to make decisions about your work without having to wait for someone else to help you

to multi-task
to do more than one piece of work at a time

a proven track record
evidence you've been successful in the past in your area of work