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Tinku Ray

Tinku Ray, presenter

  • Joined the BBC in 1989 as a researcher for domestic radio and television in London.
  • Become a presenter on the programme South Asia Report, one of the earliest World Service news programmes covering South Asia.
  • Left London to become a reporter in South Asia in 1998. Covered a variety of stories from the region: the war in Afghanistan from the Uzbekistan border, Elections in Sri Lanka, President Clinton's visit to India in 2000 and India's worst earthquake in Gujarat in 2001.
  • From South Asia Tinku moved to Los Angeles to work for National Public Radio for four years.
  • Loves to do radio documentaries - two recent issues covered include the rising abuse of the elderly in India and the Hindu vigilante groups in southern Indian that target young Hindu girls with Muslim boys.

One of my most memorable reporting moments has to be standing on the Uzbekistan border at Termez listening to the gunfire on the other side in Afghanistan shortly after the US began it's strikes on the country after 9/11. It's a strange feeling to be a part of history as it happens.

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