Last updated: 22 september, 2011 - 13:03 GMT

BBC World Service's Twitter aggregator


There is a new feature on the BBC World Service website - a tool that aggregates the Twitter streams of our various journalists and programme makers. What is it there for?

It is designed to show on our pages, at a glance, the latest information from our journalists and programme makers on the microblogging tool click Twitter.

Many of you will already know about Twitter, and be on it yourself. Several of our journalists are using it as a quick way to provide updates on what they are doing from remote locations, or quick thoughts about news and events around the world.

But until now it has not been very easy for us to show these in one place on our website.

We are hoping that this feature will change that.

Our use of Twitter does not mean that we are lowering the standards or values that have made the BBC what it is.

And, of course we must emphasise that the BBC is not responsible for the content on other websites.

While our journalists are using the platform, we cannot be responsible for what anyone else using it might tweet.

But what we hope is that this tool can bring is a quick way of letting you know the very latest, as well as a bit more behind-the-scenes coverage of the major news events.

And if you have any comments on it - or anything else - we would love to hear from you.

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