BBC World Service - US elections 2008

US elections 2008

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
After his historic election victory, Barack Obama must choose the members of the team that will work around him. Newshour asks who he has in mind.

Obama wins: reaction

Global reaction as Barack Obama beats John McCain in the US presidential election.

Rejoicing at Chicago rally

Barack Obama's victory speech was at a huge rally in his home town Chicago. James Coomarasamy reports.

African-Americans cheer Obama win

Barack Obama avoided the subject of race as much as possible during his campaign. But many African-Americans are rejoicing in his victory. Writer and broadcaster, Bonnie Greer tells why.
Map of election results
The state-by-state breakdown of election results
Talking America bus
The BBC's epic journey across the US

Participate The reality check?

As the euphoria subsides, Barack Obama has to deliver the change he promised. Do you believe he can restore confidence, sort out the economy and improve the image of the US around world? Or are we expecting too much from the new president?

Dr Maya Angelou is 'thrilled'

Iconic African-American poet and author, Dr Maya Angelou, is 'thrilled' by the election of Barack Obama, although she initially supported Hillary Clinton. She grew up in segregated Arkansas and believes Mr Obama has broken through the glass ceiling.
US election Flickr stream
Photos from our correspondents in America