BBC World Service - Global financial crisis

Global financial crisis

BBC World Service's coverage of how the credit crunch is affecting the real economy
A graph showing a stock market heading downwards

Regional effects

The credit crunch is leading to what looks like becoming a deep and widespread recession around the world. The World Today took a look at five different areas and how they might be affected.

Hard times

As George Bush prepares to host the G20 summit to discuss the global financial crisis, the World Today has brought together a group of ordinary people from around the world.

Slowdown stalks the globe

BBC reporters in New York, Shanghai and Sydney on how the global economic crisis is impacting the world's famous cities - as the crunch starts to hit real businesses outside of the financial markets.

How did all go wrong?

Tthe origins of the economic crisis - and how the world woke up to what was going wrong.
World Business Report
The very latest analysis on the credit crisis, updated three times a day
Wall Street crumbles
Do we need investment banks?

What next?

China has now been dragged into the ongoing crisis, seeing a sharp dip in its previously soaring growth. What impact will this have?

Far East feels the pinch

The World Today looks at the impact of the credit crisis on countries such as Japan, Australia and Hong Kong.