What are acceptable public displays of affection?

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WHYS Team | Friday, 4 April 2011 | 12:00 - 12:30 GMT

A gay couple in London have been thrown out of a pub in Soho for kissing. James Bull and Jonathan Williams were asked to leave after a woman claiming to be the pub's landlady said they were being "obscene". For people who aren't familiar with Soho it is home to London's main gay village, so for some it surprising that it happened there.

gorevette_42 tweeted

A kiss-in is being organised at the pub in Soho where yesterday a gay couple were thrown out for kissing.

It's sparked quite a debate, not just about gay kissing but how affectionate people should be in public.

Whys does it offend?

Are public displays of affection socially acceptable where you live? This article says they are not,

"these women are the ones who feel defined solely by their relationship. And that their greatest fear is that "if they stop fawning even for a second, someone else will step in and take their place".
Yet in cities like Mexico City thing are changing... "public affection has increasingly become a symbol of what experts describe as a city learning to loosen up." One man kissing his female partner openly says,

"When we were young, people would point and gawk at you for this kind of thing, now, there's more acceptance."
Here are a couple of other examples of public displays of affection.....

A British man and woman jailed in Dubai for kissing in public have lost their appeal against their conviction

12 pupils suspended from a school in Swaziklnd for kissing and cuddling in public

Where is the line for you, a kiss and a cuddle in public? Touching your partners knee? Holding hands, or none of the above? We'll talk about this at 1100GMT

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