14 December, 2007 - Published 20:12 GMT

Dear BBC

Friday 14th December

Susan Nangwale in Kampala, Uganda sympathises with the predicament Lucy Kibaki, wife of Kenya President Mwai Kibaki, found herself in when confronted by a forgetful official

It may shock many but I don't entirely blame Lucy Kibaki for slapping the official who "inadvertently" addressed her by an alleged co-wife's name.

In fact she should have added a well-aimed right hook for good measure!

This is the second incident on record of her being addressed by the name of someone accused of being a rival.. What woman can stomach that?

Thursday 13th December

David Mendegila from Freetown urges all Sierra Leoneans to accept President Ernest Bai Koroma's corruption probe

My dear Sierra Leoneans, bad governance and corruption have over the years been responsible for our underdevelopment and low position in the UNDP development index.

Reasonable Sierra Leoneans will agree with me that this nation does not deserve to be one of the poorest countries in the world considering the worth of our national resources.

The President's pledge to ensure accountability will also be applied to his regime and this will serve as a benchmark that will unlock the door to national development, good governance, and end of corruption.

Wednesday 12th December

As Algeria continues to pick up the pieces from yesterday's bomb blasts in Algiers, Zakaria Conteh in the Gambia shares the international community's condemnation

It's with a heavy heart that I write to express my outrage over the senseless bombings which mercilessly destroyed the lives and property of innocent people

Such violence is a reminder to the civilised world that we should remain resolute in our unified endeavours to rid this world of extremism and all acts of terrorism

My heart and prayers are with the victims and their families as they go through these trying moments of shock and sorrow

Tuesday 11th December

Kihumuro Phillip in Hoima, Uganda wants to applaud Sierra Leone's dedication to conservation

Allow me to congratulate the Sierra Leonean President for the remarkable decision he has taken to protect the natural resources in his country

Why can't some African leaders learn from their counterparts? Climate change is on Africa's door step. Lets join hands to fight it!

Monday 10th December

Timothy Ayamga in Accra, Ghana is pleased with the outcome of this weekends EU-Africa summit in Portugal

I wish to commend all African leaders who were courageous and refused to dance to the tune of European leaders who were determined to get the Economic Partnership Agreements signed

It is time that we stood on our two feet and not rush into every pact proposed by the EU. No one can accuse our current crop of African leaders of being easily manipulated by the Europeans.

There needs to be more compromise on the European side of the deal. This agreement lacks balance. I'm glad that our leaders are finally listening.