07 December, 2007 - Published 19:38 GMT

Dear BBC

Friday 7th December

Peter Tuach Pal, in Assosa, Western Ethiopia doesn't like the fact that the EU-African summit's goals have been clouded by the dispute between Zimbabwe and the UK

I'd advise Prime Minister Brown to attend the Africa-EU summit; It is not right to protest or boycott the summit simply because the President of Zimbabwe is invited

The focus of the meeting is not the UK and Zimbabwe alone, it is a summit for all African and European nations to determine their future under the new terms of development and trade

They should put their political differences aside and join the summit for the better prosperity they will achieve in the future

Thursday 6th December

Emmanuel Harmon in Monrovia, Liberia is concerned about the UN's support for the Congolese army in its bid to suppress General Nkunda's rebels

Helping the DRC's army will only create more suffering for the people.Therefore let the United Nations reconsider its decision and find a peaceful solution to the crisis in the country

Wednesday 5th December

Striking miners in South Africa caught the attention of Rev. Paulbala Samura in Bartlett, USA.

I wonder why employers wait until their employees strike before thinking of improving their conditions.

The miners' strike in South Africa over a lack of proper safety equipment is a typical example of lack of concern for workers.

Employers should always seek the complete interest of their employees, including their safety, on a daily basis, because people cannot work under poor or unbearable conditions.

Tuesday 4th December

Kwaku Antwi-Boasiako in Southampton, UK, is pleased to hear a US intelligence report saying that Iran halted its weapons project four years ago, contrary to what some in the White House believe.

Thank God! I hope that from now until he leaves office in 2009, the world will be spared of any more war drums from President George Bush.

His war-mongering is partly to blame for the current high oil prices that are weakening economies of developing countries.

Enough of WMD here, nuclear programme there - all from fake intelligence reports!

Monday 3rd December

Dak Marial Buot in Rumbek is ecstatic about the news that the Sudanese president has pardoned the British school teacher jailed for inciting religious hatred, after she allowed her pupils to name a teddy bear Mohammed.

I cannot find words to describe how happy I am with this presidential pardon because it is clear that Gillian Gibbons did not mean to offend Muslims.

I thank President Omar El Bashir for making this decision.

All the people in our country should be free to express themselves without fear of offending anyone.