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Dear BBC
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Friday 7th September

News of the death yesterday of Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, has Joseph Archibong in Lodwar, Kenya, thinking about Africa's talented artists.

If only Pavarotti had heard all the beautiful words of praise, love and appreciation poured on him yesterday, while he was still alive, he would have died a happier man.

Therefore I would like to seize the opportunity of his demise to remind Africans to appreciate our own Pavarottis while they are still alive.

To Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela of South Africa, Oliver Mtukudsi of Zimbabwe, Manu Dibango of Cameroun and others I say: thank you for decorating our continent with your beautiful music. I love you all.

Thursday 6th September

Praise for Nigeria's U17 World Cup squad making it through to the final in South Korea comes from Ahmed Shiraj in Ghana

Congratulations, a thousand times to Nigeria.

In Ghana we say 'Ayekoo' for job well done and I am deeply proud to say 'Ayekoo' now to the Super Eaglets for their sterling performance.

They have proven beyond all doubt that they are the most competent side of the this year's tournament and I strongly believe they can win the final to make our continent proud.

Incredibly shocking, however, was the celebrations of some Nigerians in Accra after Ghana's semi-final demise.

That forced me into praying to God to let the women of Ghana start giving birth to strikers.

Ghana played scintillating football but their lack of goal scoring ability cost them the final.

Wednesday 5th September

John Chipeta in Mzuzu, Malawi offers his way of solving the crisis in Darfur

Ban ki Moon's visit to the troubled Darfur region is timely but I advise him to take an activist's approach: stay right there until peace comes to Sudan.

Otherwise these visits are not helping at all. I want Mr Ban and other public figures like Bush, Mandela, Brown, Annan, Condi Rice, etc to camp there until peace comes to Dafur!

If these people don't camp there then they are all contributing to the human rights violations. I empathise with my dear brethren in Darfur. It is enough!

Tuesday 4th September

This listener signs off as a concerned citizen in South Sudan.

Thanks a lot for your visit Mr Ban Ki Moon. This is a good example of a leader who likes to see for himself the problems of the Sudan rather than hearing about them from radios, TVs, newspapers and so on.

There is one thing I would like you to forgive us for. The dust.

Our roads are very dusty and I hope you carry a lot of handkerchiefs to wipe your face during your tour of the city. This is one thing that you have to see with your own eyes - that there are no roads in the South. Can you imagine this happening in a capital city?

I hope you will go and lobby for us so that we can at least have tarmac roads in our cities and major towns. The rest can stay dusty like they have been since God created the world. Once more, Welcome to Juba, the City of Southern Sudan.

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