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Last updated: 10 August, 2007 - Published 17:53 GMT
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Dear BBC
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Friday 10th August

Ogundele A Idowu in Ibadan, Nigeria is excited about the start of English Premiership football season, but hopes his countrymen will keep a sense of perspective.

An appeal has to go out to Nigerians who regard the League as a do-or-die affair based on their affection for clubs in the Championship.

Last year, I heard about a friend who stabbed his partner based on a disagreement over the running of a certain club! Let us regard the League as a way to unify us, not to make enemies.

Win or lose, it is not the end of the world, so I wish all Premiership clubs in England and fans across the globe a happy and successful season.

Thursday 9th August

Bambo Samuel in Bamenda, Cameroon is searching for greatness.

I think the Sierra Leoneans when going to the polls should bear this in mind: that a great man has a greater conscience and a great conscience makes a great nation.

If your vote can be bought then so can your conscience and gone is the greatness. You have the power of making leaders out of men, and that is the only power you will ever exercise.

Many great things make a leader, but his ability to lead by being led is the most important.

Wednesday 8th August

Mustapha Braima in Kailahun, Sierra Leone has words of praise

I want to congratulate the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists and its partners in organising the second ever presidential debate. This is a move which builds the tenets of democracy in Sierra Leone.

One thing that came out of the well-organised debate is that some candidates, if not all of them, are clearly ignorant of the issues at stake.

Their shallow assessments show that people jump into politics without knowing what they are going for - except for personal agrandissement. I shall forgive them because they are naive in their quest for power but I will advise that next time they research the issues thoroughly and don't jumble the facts.

Monday 6th August

The Arusha talks have ended with most of Darfur's rebel groups agreeing on a common position to approach "final" talks with the Sudanese government within two or three months. Olu Obafemi in Zamfara State, Nigeria wants action.

If all the various rebel factions agree to participate in the peace talks, we may not be able to underrate the role they will play in an all-out effort to restore peace to the troubled Darfur region.

However, as a matter of great priority and urgency, the UN MUST consider the unjustified killings, the suffering, and an imminent holocaust perpetrated by various rebel factions in the troubled region.

A military intervention should be seen as the only option left to salvage the lives of the helpless civilians and to halt the carnage unleashed by the heartless, selfish and over-ambitious so-called rebel factions.

Any of the factions that are uncooperative should be seen as enemies of the whole human race and should be treated as the same.

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