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The Americas

Ship of Spies

Tom Mangold joins a spy-themed cruise around the Caribbean.

Reporter Tom Mangold (left) with spy cruise organiser and former CIA officer Bart Bechtel. BBC photo.

Reporter Tom Mangold (left) with spy cruise organiser and former CIA officer Bart Bechtel

Outward appearances suggest it's just a regular cruise. But as the MS Eurodam sets sail from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, this vast ship is carrying two men who have been at the very heart of the US intelligence services.

Former CIA directors Porter Goss and Michael Hayden are on board for the Spy Cruise, a seven day trip devoted to issues of American national security.

Passengers have paid to hear and mingle with these senior ex-spooks, as well as a range of other former intelligence and military officers.

While other passengers on the ship gamble in the casino, play pool games and try their hand at line-dancing, the spy cruisers are locked into a lecture theatre worrying about the state of global security.

Tom Mangold discovers that the cruise is part of an attempt to repair the damaged reputation of the CIA after a string of controversies.

In wide-ranging and rigorous interviews, he grills the two ex-CIA bosses on extraordinary renditions, enhanced interrogations, water-boarding, and targeted assassinations.

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First broadcast on 21 February, 2011

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