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In the Shadow of the Stadium

Fans outside Soccer City, Soweto, South Africa

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As anticipation and excitement builds ahead of the World Cup, what is the mood in the host country South Africa?

South African reporter Audrey Brown takes a tour of the area around Johannesburg's lavishly refurbished Soccer City – the venue for both the opening match and the final - and speaks to the people directly affected by the tournament.

Residents have protested about the lack of local services. People can see that a lot of money has been spent on hosting the World Cup, but what will the long term benefits be?

There is frustration that the promise of a better life through investment in the World Cup hasn't materialised, but their enthusiasm for the tournament and their dedication to the home team is echoed throughout the country.

Enthusiasm for football continues to gather pace, but is the World Cup fostering genuine harmony in a country that is still fractured by racial tension?

Audrey speaks to those who cannot wait to welcome the world to South Africa, as well as others who are left wondering if the money spent on raising the country's profile could have been better spent elsewhere.

First broadcast on BBC World Service 4 June 2010.

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