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Community and Society

Global Perspective: At the Edge in Soweto

Presenter Anza Dali

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Anza, Sibusiso and Freddy are unemployed. Like many 20-somethings in Soweto, they are all looking for work.

Unemployment in the Johannesburg suburb is well above South Africa's national average.

I don't have something that is challenging me... I need challenge in my life.


Hardly surprising then that many young people have become "discouraged jobseekers." They feel that living in Soweto is in itself, counting against them.

How are Anza, Sibusiso and Freddy coping with long-term unemployment and the daily temptations to make a fast - rather than an honest - buck?

At the Edge in Soweto is the first in this year's Global Perspective documentary series. It was made in partnership with SAFM radio.

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First broadcast on BBC World Service 23 April 2010.



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