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Generation Jihad

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Across the Western world it's no longer the threat from al-Qaeda that governments are most concerned about. Instead, it's home-grown terror plots hatched by their own citizens.

In this three-part series, Peter Taylor investigates the terrorist threat from young Muslims radicalised on the internet.

Although extremists represent a tiny minority of the Muslim community, some would argue they now constitute the single biggest threat to national security.

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Websites have been set up to carry out violent jihad and suicide bombings

In the second episode Peter examines a network of young jihadists that stretched across three continents.

They were young, most had no direct contact with al-Qaeda and in some cases, they had not even met each other face to face but they were plotting together with murderous intent.

Peter discovers how members of 'Generation Jihad' were turned into terrorists through exposure to violent al-Qaeda propaganda distributed over the internet.

First broadcast on click BBC 2 and first aired on BBC World Service on 12 April 2010.

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