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Internet Cafe Hobo

A backpacker checks a noticeboard in Australia

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Nick Baker is embarking on a global journey – an ambitious multi-media project to draw a map round the world - using internet cafes and the stories of the people he finds in them to guide him to his next destination.

Internet cafes are social environments, where the virtual world meets the real world: a representation of the real world wide web.

Relying on simple chance, where will serendipidity take him?

Part Three

Nick finds that internet cafes are not just a way to stay in contact with family, friends and football results, but stories of fraudulent kidnapping and government monitoring agencies are also there to be discovered.

In this programme Nick meets Sam and Adbullah in Sydney; Corinne and Tom in Fiji; and Anna in New York.

First broadcast on BBC World Service on 12 March 2010



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