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Netrimony: Online dating in India

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In Netrimony, Rajini Vaidhyanathan travels to Mumbai to investigate the world's biggest online matchmaking industry.

Successful matches at an online dating centre

In just the last ten years they appear to have revolutionised the business of finding a life partner for Indians.

The websites have between them, some 25 million members and boast more than a million successful matches so far.

Watch Watch Rajini Vaidhyanathan's video: From Cyberspace With Love

Rajini hears from happy couples, desperate lonely hearts and those who still wouldn't touch online matchmaking for love nor money.

The people behind this boom industry believe they are transforming Indian society.

However, critics say they are just cementing old prejudices, allowing parents to filter potential partners by all kinds of criteria, from caste and skin tone to blood group type and income.

But can this new online revolution really cross the digital divide to the large majority of Indians who still scarcely understand what the internet offers?

Netrimony is part of the BBC season SuperPower: Exploring the extraordinary power of the internet.

First broadcast on 10 March 2010

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