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Generation Jihad

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Peter Taylor investigates the terrorist threat from young Muslim extremists radicalised on the internet.

British Police officers outside an internet cafe after a counter-terror operation in Manchester

There have been numerous counter-terror operations across the UK

Following the attempt to bomb an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day, this landmark series looks at the angry young men of Generation Jihad who have turned their backs on the country where they were born.

In the first of three episodes, Peter hears from those convicted under Britain's newest anti-terror laws and investigates how some of the most notorious terrorists came to be radicalised.

He finds a generation that has shed the moderate Islam their parents brought to this country, and instead have adopted a faith that they believe compels them to stand apart from Britain and its values.

First broadcast on click BBC 2 and first aired on BBC World Service on 5 April 2010.

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